DisCERNing T.V.

From singularity to everything in a less time than it takes  to eat a packet of M&M theories, the universe can be said to have begun around ten thousand million years ago.  It took its place, in its own little bubble, amongst all the other universes bobbing around in hyperspace. This was the first big-bang.

In 1986, there was a second big-bang, this time in London. Whereas the first big-bang separated impossible density into everything there is, the second  combined things (such as a jobber and a broker, debt and investments), chewed them around and spat them out in random directions. Of course, one consequence of the first big-bang that these outpourings could not escape, was gravity. Not just a good idea, it’s the law (thank you Adam). Thus a house fired from a large gun will hit the ground at the same time as a (similarly sized) investor jumping from a twelfth floor window.

The third big-bang is on Channel 4. The Bare-naked Lady has sung.

[Tim Shreeve]


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