Comfort Food

You may not be keen on genetically modified fruit & veg –  perhaps you go as far as to comb the supermarket for organic everything from bread to shampoo! – but how about genetically modified chocolates?

One of the reasons that chocolate tastes so good, is that it induces the brain to release something called dopamine. This is a  nerve transmitter chemical which makes you happy – the same one that’s released in massive amounts when someone uses heroin or cocaine. As well as dopamine, there are two other biochemical wonder drugs which your body can be induced to manufacture. The first, oxytocin, should be familiar to women (unless they’ve been very unlucky) as it is normally released during orgasm and when breast-feeding a child (although not normally at the same time!). The second, called vasopressin,  promotes monogamy (which promotes trust etc., etc.).

Now a manufacturer of exclusive chocolates has come up with the idea of using using these natural chemicals in the manufacture of His&Her chocolates. The ‘Her’ chocolates contain oxytocin which will leave a women simultaneously relaxed and excited.The ‘Him’ chocolates contain vasopressin, which will ensure that the man is always there when she needs him.Organic chocolate does none of these things (and tastes like crap).

[Tim Shreeve]


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