You don’t read Raymond Chandler for the plots …

Setting the scene

We’re a big, rough, rich, wild people and crime is the price we pay for it, and organised crime is the price we pay for organisation.

The Places

The room was big, very big and everything about it was designed to make it seem bigger. When the visitor got the nod from the secretary, the sign on the door bade here enter and she edged her way toward it. When she was a step away from breaking an eyelash the door clicked open.

The sort of room where anything could happen except work.The houses on one side looked expensive and not new, the houses on the other side looked very new and still not cheap.

The Dames

She was wearing a white wool skirt, a burgundy silk blouse and a black velvet over-jacket with short sleeves. Her hair was a hot sunset. She wore a golden topaz bracelet and topaz ear-rings and a topaz dinner ring in the shape of a shield. Her fingernails matched her blouse exactly. It looked like it would take a couple of weeks to get her dressed.

She was drunk and not a very nice person sober.

She tried to sit in my lap and didn’t let the fact I was standing up stop her.

She has a heart of gold but it’s buried good and deep.

From 30 feet away she looked like class; from 10 feet away she looked like somethingmade up to look good at 30 feet.

Neither of them commented on my entrance although only one of them was dead.
He’ll get used to you. He’ll probably have to.

The Bad Guys

He had a sort of dry musty smell, like a fairly clean chinaman.

… and he looked liked he robbed gas stations to get his heart started in the morning.

… he looked like he’s just come from a funeral and he was the corpse

… He looked as though it would cost a thousand bucks to shake hands with him

The Peeper

I’m 33 years old. I went to college once and can speak English if there’s any demand for it.

I left the room, leaving his mouth open.

Remind me to laugh on my day off.

The ones (girls) I’d like to maybe marry – well, I haven’t what they need. The others you don’t have to marry. You just seduce them – if they don’t beat you to it.

On the way out I caught sight of my face in the mirror. I looked as though I’d just decided to drive off a cliff.


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