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… where a fly without wings is a walk.


WANTED: ELECTRIC KILN for school, big enough for 40 children.

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WANTED: Self-storing aluminum window salesman.
WANTED: Woman to share flat. w/ washer and dryer.
NOW ACCEPTING applications for cooks between 2 and 5.
HAVE FAMILY, would like to exchange for home in Amsterdam.
EXTREMELY INDEPENDENT MALE. 17 years old, needs to rent room.  Call his mother on 0493-612837
2 YEAR old teacher needed.  9-6.  Experience required.
AVAILABLE.  French speaking secretary who speaks floorless English.
AVAILABLE.  Work skills: Strong on interpersonal relationships, typing,filing, and reproduction.
3-ROOM FLAT. incl. heat, hot water, stove, refrig., smoke alarm, single female.
DEWHURSTS due to staff problems : Typewriter: works for only £10. Nobody can beat our meat.


FOR SALE: Bull dog.  Will eat anything.  Loves children.
FOR SALE: 9-volt smoke alarm with silencer.
MUST SELL: 3 grave spaces in Gorleston-on-sea, very reasonable.  Plus air-conditioner.
MUST SELL: Health food store, due to failing health.
FOR SALE: Instant coffee table.
FOR SALE: Gent’s upright urinal; also microphone, stand, and amplifier.
LOST: 2-year-old brown male Datsun, very well behaved and friendly.
FOR RENT: Bridal suite.  Adults only.
FOR RENT: Fully furnished house.  Includes three toilets.  £200 per wee.
FOR RENT: Front room, suitable for two ladies, use of kitchen or two gentlemen.
PART-TIME HELP WANTED.  Must have creative skills, drivers license, and car with outgoing


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