The Game of Risk

So, imagine a world where every line of business operates in the same manner as the so-called ‘insurance’ industry.
Say, for instance, you’re a plumber and now everyone in the country has to buy every imaginable type of plumbing service from you, whether they need it or not, want it or not, can afford it or not. It’s the law and if they don’t comply the police will track them down (aided by some very expensive computer equipment which has been paid for from the public purse) and confiscate any bath, toilet, sink or length of pipe for which no plumbing has been purchased.

… And while they’re in the house the police will feel free (nay, obliged) to have a scout about for any other infringement of any other law.

… And everyone will have to pay you for these services  in ADVANCE, whether they ever have any plumbing problems or not.

And if some  plumbing work IS required, you get to go round the house, suck air through your teeth and give it – sorry mate but the amount you’ve paid doesn’t cover the first 50 sinks (toilets, taps whatever), you’ll have to pay again mate.

… And if, by any chance, someone does have a problem with 51 bogs, you’re allowed to add 10 times the cost of the work onto what the poor sap has to pay you next year.

…And, oh yeah, you get to gamble with all your profits and if you lose the government will bail you out and pass some new laws to generate even more profit for you next year.

Imagine that.

(Tim Shreeve)

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