Benedict Arnold

The fairies were bored with the British; very bored indeed. Accordingly, when the struggle for American independence began, they began to look for ways that they might lend a wand.

Benedict Arnold, it was generally thought, showed great promise. Reading the man accurately, strategies were suggested which both bolstered the American position, and the personal worth of the man himself. Keen for glory, he did not stop to question where his new found ability came from (it’s suprising how few do), and carried on regardless.The first fairy strategy was designed to break the stalemate at the Siege of Boston. To this end, Arnold was directed to capture Fort Ticonderoga. This came to pass on the 10th of May, 1775 when the newly commissioned Colonel, together with Ethan Allen and a small force of Green Mountain Boys overcame the small British garrison. All the captured  ordnance, including must-prized cannon, was then transported back to fortify Dorchester Heights, relieving the siege of Boston. Although a small action militarily, this had a major influence on the war, as it cut the communication between the southern and northern units of the British Army. Unfortunately, neither Colonel Benedict nor Ethan Allen were disposed to share the credit.

Passed over for promotion, Benedict Arnold decided on a course of action that would make him one of the most infamous figures in American history. He decided to sell-out West Point, swap sides and fight for the British. The fairies had had quite enough of the British, thank you very much, and were thus forced, once again, to intercede. Accordingly, fairy spies graced the night when Colonel Benedict Arnold met with the British Major John Andre and offered to betray West Point for a half a million dollars. The British officer agreed and set out to return to his HQ in New York City with Arnold’s plans. The fairies acted swiftly. Enchanting the uptight Major (the simplest of tasks) they lured him into the path of three American militiamen. The plot was at an end. Andre was tried as a spy and hung;  Arnold’s infamy was secured.

The fairies rather liked poached eggs with bacon and hollandaise sauce and saw nothing traitorous about the inclusion of an English muffin.

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