Ever wondered why something hasn’t gone wrong? Why, when you turn something on it works? … when something/one does exactly what it/he’s supposed to?

Well, it’s almost certainly down to fairies.

These amazing creatures are about 18 inches in height and have a wing to weight ratio you wouldn’t believe. Close relatives of Lady Gaga, fairies are thought to have originated in New York in 1524 when Giovanni da Verrazzano, hired by France, sailed into New York bay and reached the Hudson river. A relatively insular community (by Italian standards), fairies kept themselves to themselves until 1609, when Henry Hudson arrived in the name of the Netherlands. Tempted by the prospect of ‘relaxing times’ and ‘gainful employment’ the fairies made contact with the hash bearing pimp (as you would), and spent the next 55 years laying on their backs (for one reason or another) in New Amsterdam.

When, in 1664, the English arrived to spoil things (as they invariably do), the fairies stood themselves up, straightened their wings and embraced the new New York.

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