iPod Touch Tutorial #3

iPod Touch Tutorial #3 : Transferring screenshots to your computer

You can easily transfer the screenshots (png files) described in tutorial #7 to your computer, by following these steps:

1 : Connect your iPod Touch to your computer by means of the white USB cable which was supplied.


screenshot 1


2 : The dialogue box (screenshot 1) will appear on your computer screen. Select “Open device to view files”. If this is your first time: check the “Always do this for this device”  box, to set a default action for next time.


screenshot 2


3 : A window containing 1 device : “Internal Storage” will appear (screenshot 2) – double-click the device icon.

4 : A window containing 1 folder : “DCIM” will appear (screenshot 3) – double-click the folder.


screenshot 3


5 : A window containing 1 folder : a hex number e.g. “800AAAAA” will appear (screenshot 4) – double-click the folder


screenshot 4


screenshot 5

6 : A window will appear showing all the screenshots (png files) on your iPod (screenshot 5). You can now ‘drag and drop’ or ‘copy and paste’ them to a folder on your computer. Just open up a window using windows explorer wherever you want them to go. As usual, you can select a single file (screenshot) to copy by just single-clicking on it, a range of files to copy by using the shift key, multiple non-contiguous files by using the ctrl key or all of them by using ctrl-A. If you need further help consult your windows help for copy+paste or post a comment here.

Note : ‘png’  is a format (the ‘png’ stands for portable network graphics) which is ideal for storing images with lots of colours and crisp, clear lines. The file sizes, however do tend to be rather large, so if you would rather have a lower-quality smaller file, you can use 3rd-party software to convert the file to jpeg (.jpg) once you have transferred it to your computer.

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