iPod Touch Tutorial #7

iPod Touch Tutorial #7 : Taking Screenshots

These are the 'png' files which you can transfer to your computer

Note the "Saved Photos" Album at the top


You can easily take a screenshot of whatever is on your screen  by holding down the ‘home button’ and pressing the ‘sleep button’ at the top of your iPod at the same time. You will hear a ‘camera click’ noise and a screenshot will automatically be stored in the photo album called “Saved Photos”. These screenshots are ‘png’ files (‘png’ stands for ‘portable network graphics’). They can be transferred to your computer by using the method described in “iPod Touch Tutorial :  #2 Transfer data from your iPod to your computer”.

Screenshot 1 shows the “Save Photos” album (it’s the one at the top) and screenshot 2 shows the ‘png’ files inside the album. These are what can be transferred to your computer.

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