Microsoft have released many fine products, unfortunately the last one was the Z-80 card.

The last successful Microsoft product

Vista is yet another example of an unfinished operating which is “good enough for microsoft”. The front end GUI is as swish as you like (given the date) but the internals and the most basic of system administration functions leave a lot to be desired – network drives don’t work, the logical volume management is buggy, problems with permissions to name but a few.

So, this is (will be) a (dynamic) collection of documentation produced by me, after finding a solution to a particular problem that I’ve encountered. They are all documents I’ve had cause to refer to more than once, so hopefully they might prove helpful to someone, somewhere at some point in time.

Re: Vista sysadm in general – If you have a problem, by all means ask. If you’ve had a problem you’ve been unable to resolve I’d be pleased to help as best I can. If you’ve had a problem and found a solution, I’d be pleased to publish+credit on this page.

Obviously, you need to be logged in as ‘administrator’ or have administrator privileges to do anything useful.


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