You don’t have permission …

If, like me, you’ve turned off ‘User Account Control’ to avoid those seriously annoying screens, you may occasionally be denied permission to delete or rename a file you’ve created 2 nano-seconds beforehand (microsoft nan0-seconds of course). To avoid having to turn on ‘User Account Control’ ; reboot; delete the file ; turn off  ‘User Account Control’ and re-reboot … the following may prove useful. As usual, open a command shell (you to have administrator privileges) and type :

> takeown /f  $DRIVE:/$FILE.$EXT /* e.g. > takeown /f  C:/legal_music.mp3 */

> icacls $FILE.$EXT /grant $YOU:F /* e.g. > icacls C:/legal_music.mp3 /grant my_name:F */

/* it may be easier to move to the correct drive and cd to the correct directory to avoid typing a full pathname twice */

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