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BLOG  IS  NOW BACK! … New visitors: please use the drop-down menus above this post to gain direct access to excerpt from books (under construction) and articles about this and that. Alternatively, scroll down to see posts in reverse chrono.

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The Fairies and the Dead put flowers in their hair and head for the west coast and an encounter with the  Dead – although this lot are more likely to be eating a spoonful of spinach jam than brains!

Greek Fairies : A romp through a Greek classical myth – with Fairies.

Pregnant Aliens : The truth about Roswell and the death of Mama Cass.

How to be an Assassin : The Assassin returns to London in another exciting excerpt from ‘The Stem-Cell Killer’.

Las Vegas Night Life : Jack meets Mona in another smoking-hot excerpt from ‘The Stem-Cell Killer’.

American Institutions : A growing collection of short articles with an American flavour, sorry flavor.

Existentialist Pop : A series of short posts featuring those lyrics which manage to sum-up everything about life in a couple of lines.

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