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When you really, really can’t sleep …

so a zombie bites your ass an’ you got an hour lef’… wha’cha gonna do man?

-cheeseburger an’ a cigarette
-no sex?
-OK sex, no, … take too long – only 1 hour right?
-you need more than an hour to have sex man?
-maybe a blow job then … then a cheeseburger
-where you gonna find a woman in an hour give you a blow-job ?

-I’ll pay as per
-wha’s  money if you’re gonna die in an hour
-well if we all bin bit … I’d have to pay her in cheeseburgers

-ok so you have a blow-job then a fag …
-no together man …have a fag an’a blow-job at the same time … then a cheeseburger – an’ another fag
-and then what?
-and then? … whack some smack
-do wha’ man?
-shoot some heroin
-some heroin?
-yeah man an’ some acid
-what acid like LSD?
-yeah heroin and acit
-where you gonna get that – you got about 20 minutes left man
-inna Boots – they sell an’ acid
-yeah zombie acid – I wan’ somma dat …



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