#30 Telstar

# 30 Telstar – The Tornados

Well, no lyrics == lots of pictures for this one. There were, originally two Telstar satelites which were among the first successfully utilised for communication (TV,Fax,Telephone), including the first live transatlantic television feed.

The Tornados version (released in 1962 and named after the satellite – very glass beady) was, of course produced by Joe Meek who was both gay and tone deaf  although it’s unclear whether the two things are related to each other (or to the fact that the weird sound effects were achived by running a pen around the rim of an ashtray and then playing the tape backwards – as was the mode of the time, Meeks ‘sound studio’ was a pokey flat above a shop in London). The sound effects were intended to be radio-waves and generally be space-agey, the world being in the initial grips of the space-race.

Unfortunately Telstar was another My Sweet Lord, and some French git kept the wonderful Mr Meek in penury until just before he died, in 1967.

Joe Meek

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