#52 Telegram Sam

#52 Telegram Sam – T Rex

Amazingly, this seems to be the first entry for T. Rex – one of my favourite bands. This track is from ‘Slider’ which also happens to be the first album I bought with my own money (you never forget your first one!). After ‘Electric Warrior’, expectations for Marc Bolan were
certainly high but this was his hey-day and he didn’t disappoint. Oh blimey … if you ever get a chance to watch any TOTP episodes from this time … they’re a real treat – women were different then : midis maxis, minis (still) + of course hot-pants. It was also the only the only time there was any decent fashion for men: Harringtons, Ben Shermans, Stay-Press, and later : two-tones, crombies and platform shoes for the first time round. Jeez Louise .. and (OMG) do you remember those awful shirt+tie flower sets … and shirts without tails – in different colours … and day-glow socks. Yeah, so anyway, Telegram Sam by T. Rex.


Telegram Sam Telegram Sam
You’re my main man

Golden Nose Slim Golden Nose Slim
I know’s where you’ ve bin
Purple Pie Pete Purple Pie Pete
Your lips are like lightning
Girls melt in the heat

Telegram Sam
You’re my main man
Telegram Sam
You’re my main man

Bobby’s alright Bobby’s alright
He’s a natural born poet
He’s just outa sight
Jungle-faced Jake
Jungle-faced Jake
I say make no mistake
About Jungle-faced Jake

Automatic shoes
Automatic shoes
Give me three D vision
And the California blues
Me I funk but I don’t care
I ain’t no square with my corkscrew hair

Telegram Sam Telegram Sam

I’m a Howlin’ Wolf

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