#82 Mexico

#82 Mexico – Katrina and the Waves

Kimberley Rew’s guitar work is just so clean, chord and solos alike; perhaps more of a session musician than a rock’n’roller, but he’s long been one of my favourites.  In fact, as far as I’m concerned, he’s always been the main attraction of this band as he also wrote many of the songs although not this one, which was written by Vince de la Cruz. Mr Rew’s credits  include Walking on Sunshine (an international hit) and Going Down to Liverpool (a successful single in the US and the UK – though God knows what unemployment in LIverpool has to do with a Bangle) plus Red Wine and Whisky to name but a few (unfortunately he’s also guilty of winning  the European song contest , but whatever). Katrina Leskanich adds vocal depth to the band and is equally happy singing ballads as she is blasting out rock’n’roll (she’s also a DJ but no-one’s perfect). Incidentally, she’s from Topeka in Kansas which is a city famous both for civil liberties (giving not taking) and for changing its name to ‘Google’.

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