#88 Jeepster

On this particular Sunday morning I crashed on a sofa upstairs at the shrub - who'd've thought I'd've'd the best of it

#88 Jeepster – T. Rex

T. Rextasy, as it was known, came into its own with the release of Jeepster. The follow-up to Hot Love, Jeepster was recorded in a New York studio as the last single for Fly, before Bolan could focus on his own fledgling label. Ironically, it was Marc Bolan’s biggest selling single (and the only one to be successful in the states). It was taken from Electric Warrior (also moderately successful in the states), one of the two major album releases of T. Rex (the other being Slider – see the entry for Telegram Sam in this blog).

Even without the personal memories it evokes, I’d have to say that this is my favourite pop-song of all time.


You’re so sweet

T. Rexes flying in V-formation

You’re so fine
I want you all and everything
Just to be mine

‘Cos you’re my baby
‘Cos you’re my love
Girl I’m just a Jeepster
For you love

You slide so good
With bones so fair
You’ve got the universe
Reclining in your hair

Just like a car
You’re pleasing to behold
I’ll call you Jaguar
If I may be so bold

The wild winds blow
Upon your frozen cheeks
The way you flip your hip
It always makes me weak

Your motivation
Is so sweet
Your vibrations
Are burning up my feet

Girl I’m just a jeepster
For your love
Girl I’m just a vampire
For your love

I’m gonna suck you.

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