The Fairies of New York

Welcome to the blog. Unfortunately for all concerned (including web crawlers), this is not a blog that is easily classifiable (some might say unfocused). It is multi-threaded, drawing from a range of subjects that interest me: literature, music, travel, drugs, sex, computers and science.

The blog itself is a healthy mixture of rants, moans and occasional bursts of humour (for such is the stuff of blogs web-wide) and is, by nature, dynamic. The static(ish) pages house the rest of it, and will be added to as I can. There are already pages for (excerpts from) 2 novels (I’ll probably never finish), a top 100 playlist and a travelogue project (as yet to be funded). Pages are also planned for articles on various subjects (noticeably death and how marvellously entertaining it is) and a technical thread (computing).

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