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A page dedicated to the wondrous and often oddly appropriate spam which has been attracted to my blog. Comments have included “Can I has (sic) cheeseburger” as a response to a post on American foreign policy and  “Interesting subject. The marajuana users in my group like to talk about this.” as a response to a short article on the English habit of depositing Dogshit in Trees. The spam which follows is about shoes (I think) and was returned (as is, hand to God) as a comment on a post of mine about manic depression. Maybe she was trying to cheer me up!

Best spam yet …==>

++ this wonder of translation below:

“Entitle to all men recollect how unpopulated and paltry is the power of kings,” Canute said, “for there is not one meritorious of the notability, but He whom avalon, community and ocean do sooner than eternal laws.

Upon the weekend I happen two articles there the problems with the Massachusetts robustness wet-nurse system.

Because Obamacare was modeled after the Massachusetts script, the failures in Massachusetts are a vanguard of things to come. I very like the damaged article, partly because I like Samuelson, and partly because he agrees with me (I atop of he reads my blog).

If you require be informed my last posts, there is nothing new in these reports. The Massachusetts chart, which includes an Obama-like insurance mandate, has increased the accumulation of insured, in mixed sum total burgeoning raw adults. Though, it has also resulted in crowded threat rooms, increased waits, and higher costs. Numerous lobbying efforts require blocked politicians from insensitive fees paid to doctors and hospitals. Increasing costs catalogue resulted in higher insurance premiums which mini companies can no longer forbear, principal to patients being dumped into the constitution system. The form, already in the throes of a slump, must against with these increased costs.

The domination is attempting to limit surety premiums already fiat, but in the consequence can solitary preponderate in the offhanded phrase, and longing after all is said be unsuccessful. For good single-payer/government takeover commitment be the only substitute, which I purposefulness talk for later. The lay out of events is surely equivalent to the working I enunciate begin up beforehand outlined for the further of Obamacare.

No fact how esteemed the underlying end, aristotelianism entelechy mostly prevails. This wishes also be the pit of topics I choice be captivating up in the next not one weeks. I ordain be examining in cleverness the thrust of Paunchiness, drugs, hooch, brutishness and smoking on healthcare outcomes and costs, and appraise to accept a chit-chat about what business close count on should give in healthcare. I see apropos also be examining an important and on occasions discussed aspect of American healthcare the dazzling amount of mazuma, share and ardent striving Americans commit to plastic or metrical debilitated practices, what I resolving visit the r“le of deception in healthcare. More to come.

Here she slept at cimmerian dark, but during the day she amused herself on a provisions, where the better half had placed a plateful of water. Rounded this illustration were wreaths of flowers with their stems in the fizzy water be illogical, and upon it floated a large tulip-leaf, which served Dainty with a view a boat. Here the micro maiden sat and rowed herself from side to side, with two oars made of spotless horsehair. It extraordinarily was a intensely gorgeous sight. Tiny could, also, sing so softly and sweetly that nothing like her singing had at any period hitherto been heard. Solitary darkness, while she long explanation in her tuneful bed, a strapping, ill-favoured, wet toad crept via a beaten sheet of spyglass in the window, and leaped correct upon the itemization where Tiny song sleeping guardianship her roseleaf quilt. “What a mignonne petty missus this would remove up in search my son, said the toad, and she took up the walnut-shell in which teeny Paltry  verse asleep, and jumped including the window with it into the garden.

In the swampy point of a near queue in the garden lived the toad, with her son. He was uglier counterbalance evasion than his cocker, and when he witticism the incredibly minuscule maiden in her discerning bed, he could solely whimper, “Croak, croak, croak.”

“Don’t hint so thin, or she will wake,” said the toad, “and then she potency imprint away, item of she is as incandescence as swan’s down. We neatness situation her on one-liner of the water-lily leaves gone away from in the well-spring; it pleasure be like an islet to her, she is so immaterial and minor, and then she cannot thunderbolt; and, while she is away, we will innuendo celerity and lyric the foundation pro the state-room beneath the handicap, in which you are to reside when you are married.”

Accomplished gone away from in the rivulet grew a patrol of sea water lilies, with peremptory green leaves, which seemed to moving on the acme of the water. The largest of these leaves appeared farther touched in the head than the rest, and the getting on in years toad swam free to it with the walnut-shell, in which little Minuscule ballade manner asleep. The midget little mundane woke very malapropos in the morning, and began to whimper bitterly when she figure where she was, in compensation she could glom nothing but not function on every side of the muscular unversed leaf, and no avenue of reaching the land. For the time being the pass‚ toad was extraordinarily working beneath the swamp, decking her cubicle quarters with rushes and unchecked yellow flowers, to survive it look catchy owing her unique daughter-in-law. Then she swam publicly with her ugly son to the leaf on which she had placed unworthy little Tiny. She wanted to fetch the unbelievably bed, that she capacity oneself conceded it in the marriage congress to be deft for her. The superannuated toad bowed deficient to her in the be mind-boggling, and said, “Here is my son, he purposefulness be your direct, and you on actual gleefully in the swamp on the stream.”

“Croak, croak, croak,” was all her son could bet wide inasmuch as himself; so the toad took up the comely illiberal bed, and swam away with it, leaving Snaffle all by oneself on the unripe leaf, where she sat and wept. She could not corroborate to think of living with the dated toad, and having her frightful-looking son benefit of a husband. The itty-bitty fishes, who swam fro in the incredible beneath, had seen the toad, and heard what she said, so they lifted their heads insusceptible to the bedew out to look at the not much maiden. As speedily as they caught marvel of her, they saw she was straight up taking, and it made them acutely wretched to envisage that she must begin and animated with the cross toads. “No, it must in no in the pipeline be!” so they assembled together in the moist, globe-shaped the sward hunt down down which held the leaf on which the short maiden stood, and gnawed it away at the radix with their teeth. Then the leaf floated down the tributary, carrying Niggling lavish away shortof reach of land.

Teeny-weeny sailed olden times multifarious towns, and the trivial birds in the bushes gnome her, and sang, “What a gratifying boils being;” so the leaf swam away with her farther and farther, till it brought her to other lands. A mannerly imperfect shiny butterfly constantly fluttered entire her, and at model alighted on the leaf. Pigmy chuffed him, and she was contented of it, respecting on occasions the toad could not perchance reach her, and the empire help of which she sailed was pulchritudinous, and the sun shone upon the grieving water, farmstead it glittered like runny gold. She took potty her girdle and tied inseparable motivation of it approximate the butterfly, and the other extirpate of the ribbon she fastened to the leaf, which at the present time glided on much faster than in search ever, charming very occasionally Infinitesimal with it as she stood. Non-standard just now a large cockchafer flew away; the duration he caught jolting of her, he seized her down her breakable waist with his claws, and flew with her into a tree. The na‹ve leaf floated away on the brook, and the butterfly flew with it, change for the sake he was fastened to it, and could not flop away.

Oh, how frightened pygmy Pygmy felt when the cockchafer flew with her to the tree! But extraordinarily was she depressing on the unequalled ghostly butterfly which she had fastened to the leaf, conducive to if he could not uncontrolled himself he would pass through the lustrous gates of hunger. But the cockchafer did not turn topsy-turvy himself at all throughout the matter. He seated himself go out of business to her side on a philanthropic uncomplicated leaf, gave her some honey from the flowers to tell bread, and told her she was awfully catchy, nonetheless not in the least like a cockchafer. After a epoch, all the cockchafers turned up their feelers, and said, “She has at best two legs! How repulsive-looking that looks.” “She has no feelers,” said another. “Her waist is standing slim. Pooh! She is like a tender-hearted being.”

2010/10/22 at 10:00 pm

I’ve continually deliberating it would be good to comprise those unreservedly urinate show off shoes against when I do out of doors sports such as canoeing and dragon boating. These special sports shoes pamper to salt water open-air sports in unusual because of the examination thick material it is made of. When I match canoeing, I used to either go with my overt feet or slippers, but was forever having problems with both. Being bare-ass footed meant that I sway grab mar close any debris that may share when I prance on the sand or in the water while getting in or escape of my canoe. When I sport slippers, occasionally it really gets in the way when my feet sink in the slime during sparse tide. It was when my slipper got stuck when I knew I had to get an outside sports fun shoes. I assertive to about of it as a exalted investment as it would mean gambler and cleaner feet. I don’t conscious why I didn’t think of getting such gambol shoes in the foremost place. I guess it was because my viewpoint of deride shoes was often in compensation competition, and not benefit of other outside sports.

So when I truism the FiveFingers Alfresco Lark Shoes – Sombre (Dimensions 42) on, I was really stable I wanted it. Not only can I nab a immense tandem of out of doors shoes in the service of my not work sports, I can beget a fivefingers a specific! Not sure why they call it fivefingers admitting that, since actually the wear shoes is in the guise of your five toes. This enables a better dominion on where you step, which is firstly brilliant in the interest of walking on the lido and shelf waters. I’ve always been a buff of “fivefingers” or toe socks, so this trendy out of doors shoes of wealth is making me more fervid with my weekend outdoor sports endeavor. safe made me a happy camper this time, letting me own this great pair off of sport shoes reasonable when I needed it. I’ve bought other lifestyle gadgets from but this is the prime perpetually I bought divertissement shoes from any online shopping site. I without exception rationality it overpower to adjudge on any shoes, be it sport shoes, leather shoes, slippers, etc. or else you won’t recognize whether it’s a colossal fit. However, I couldn’t at the end of the day stumble on wares spray open-air sports mockery tease shoes, so this find has categorically enhanced my shopping judgement, or my online shopping as a whole.

Immediately when I go past to go to my weekly canoeing or dragon boating, my teammates are all pretty amused by my fivefingers play shoes, and gawp at them looking for some time. I divine the toe-shaped display shoes makes it look like a web of some sort, but it’s not like I can swim in these fivefingers shoes. I’m finding the outside sports shoes very comfortable, and although I cannot beat it with it as I would with common running distraction shoes, at least I can walk along the pontoon or beach area in hearten, unlike when I occupied to walk barefooted. My feet reach-me-down to damage or bring back scorched from the red-hot territory, but not with these fivefingers recreation shoes I don’t. Arrogate a look at the pictures to see how the fivefingers outdoor sports hold up to ridicule shoes look like from the exceed and bottom.

Dictionaries have a lot to answer for …

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