#38 Carry On

#38 Carry On – JJ Cale

I suppose it’s possible there are people out there who, improbable as it sounds, have never heard of JJ Cale. He is the definitive Mr. Cool and all-time no.1 laid-back guitarist … influencer of many, covered by the biggest names in the business but never equalled.

This is one of my favourite tracks (I’ve no idea which album it’s off but it must be about this one – or maybe Grasshopper?). Look forward to some more tracks later on down the list.


If life`s little downs they keep coming around
Carry on, carry on
With darkness all about, you want to scream and shout
Carry on, carry on
Don`t cry baby, look at where you`ve been
Everybody knows you just need a friend
Please, please, please, if you`re down on your knees
Carry on, carry on
Your head is full of doubt, you can`t figure it out
Carry on, carry on
Between the time it takes to make all those mistakes
Carry on, carry on
It don`t matter what you say or do
It just seems to work out if you want it to
Let out all the slack, take it off your back
Carry on, carry on
Let me bend your ear, never shed a tear
Carry on, carry on
Carry on, carry on

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